Landscapes, Seascapes and Big Skies

Affordable artworks for lovers of the coast and countryside that will enhance your home

So why landscapes and seascapes? Having grown up in rural Worcestershire I have always found joy in big landscapes. As a child I had a special place at the top of our lane where I would sit and could see for miles, it was exhilarating, like being at the top of the world! But being in the landlocked Midlands does give me a hankering after the coast which is where I feel truly alive. I have always felt an affinity with the sea and can watch it for hours, I visit as often as I can with my sketchbook in tow to try and capture the true essence of a particular place in that moment of time.

I am on an exciting journey to find new ways to express the light, beauty and emotion in the landscapes around me. Painting in mainly oils and acrylics, I enjoy exploring abstract and impressionistic techniques using colour, texture and experimenting with different mark making implements. I like to paint with a limited palette with loose fluid brushstrokes and blended flowing colours. I am currently building up a body of work to exhibit whilst also working on a number of commissioned paintings.


I invite you to explore my Art Portfolio to discover my influences and the inspiration behind my most recent paintings.

Get in touch if you see something you like or you have a favourite place you’d like captured in an original bespoke painting.


Just before Christmas, I received my landscape painting by artist Jane Powell. In fact, I was lucky enough to win the piece in her competition! I was totally blown away, as I've admired Jane's work for a long time - she's a brilliant and prolific land and seascape artist.

It is a view of Kilburn forest, from the top of the White Horse at Sutton Bank, North York Moors. It's a place we often walk as a family and this is one of our favourite spots. Jane has done an amazing job, working from one of my photos. The atmosphere is perfect and I love how she's used the colours to bring out detail and form. I have to stop and look for a while every time I pass it on the wall.

As well as being very talented, she's absolutely lovely to chat with too!

Charley Hellier