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Why do Artists Need to be on Social Media?

Updated: Nov 12, 2020

I’ve put together a FREE guide of 10 Social Media Marketing Tips for Artists to help you get started - Scroll down for link.

Why Artists Need to be on Social Media

With millions of users on each social media platform being visible on social media gives artists a perfect opportunity to directly connect with and be visible to potential buyers, curators, collectors, gallery owners and other artists. A website is good to have but to be found by a casual web browser requires a lot of good SEO whereas social media enables you to target and pinpoint your ideal customers – and it’s free!

Why Now is Such a Good Time to Sell Art on Social Media

With many areas being in lockdown this year due to COVID-19, exhibitions have been cancelled and galleries shut. Marketing your artwork via social media gives you the opportunity to make sales when traditional face to face, bricks and mortar routes are no longer available. This is how I really got started selling on social media, I had loads of paintings all framed up and ready for an exhibition in April 2020 which inevitably got cancelled so I decided I had nothing to lose by posting about them on my Instagram and Facebook accounts – I sold 9 paintings and took 2 commissions in May! And the sales have continued I have sold over 50 paintings from May to date all through social media, so it is well worth taking the plunge.

Also many people are at home on furlough and have more time on their hands; often using the time to improve their home environment through DIY and decorating and are looking for art and interior design ideas online.

Why People Buy Art on Social Media Platforms

Social Media is a great way to regularly connect directly with your ideal customers, you can build relationships and utilise the Know, Like, Trust factor to turn them into paying customers and even regular collectors of your work. Social media allows you to be less formal, be yourself; people will follow you or like your page because they like the type of art you do and also because they are interested in you as an artist and following your art journey. They will be fascinated about your thought process, what goes on behind the scenes and practically how you create a piece of art. Bring them into your world what made you want to paint a particular picture the story behind a particular artwork.

Which Social Media Platforms are Best for Artists

All social media platforms offer an opportunity to market and sell your work but start by concentrating on one or two platforms to minimise the workload. My personal favourites are Instagram and Facebook. Instagram is a perfect platform for artists as it so visual and if you link your Facebook Business page with your Instagram you can post to both sites in one go. (Also to Twitter if you wish).

Can Artists Sell Directly from Their Social Media Accounts?

This is the simplest way to sell. If you don’t have a website or a webshop/ecommerce platform you can sell directly online from your social media account. Ask customers to Direct Message you and offer them the option to do an electronic payment via bank transfer, pay by PayPal or Stripe. You can also set up a shop on your Facebook Business Page.

Is There Value in Having Lots of Other Artists Follow you on Social Media?

It’s the nature of the game that about half of your followers will be other artists as we are naturally drawn to other creatives and love looking at art. Don’t dismiss these accounts; artists buy art too and some will become your greatest supporters. Often social media connections will lead to collaborations with other artists such as joint exhibitions, workshops, mentoring and pop up shops. In my experience social media has given me an incredible network of support, encouragement and information. Feedback from other artists has always been really positive and the community is very generous with information and feedback.

Can I Sell Art to Third Parties on Social Media?

Networking on social media can lead to surprising connections and collaborations with third parties such as charities or local companies and businesses who may be willing to display and sell your artwork for you or promote it online. Think outside the box there are artists who sell their work in local cafés, farm shops, yoga studios, restaurants and pubs etc. Others that have a particular niche like birds or bees who have partnered with charities to sell their cards or prints.

If selling through Galleries is your aim, then social media can help you find Galleries that sell similar types or styles of work to your own. Follow them, comment and like their posts and get to know what type of artists and art they represent, start building a relationship with ones you want to target.

How Does Social Media Extend an Artist’s Marketing Reach?

Social media is a great way to find out about competitions and call outs for artists and online exhibitions. In posts you can target by location and promote events, shows and exhibitions that you are participating in thereby increasing the reach of your local marketing; but don’t stop there, your reach on social media is worldwide how amazing to be able to network with potential buyers in every part of the world!

So what is holding you back? Go get socially media savvy!

If you are unsure about where to start with Social Media marketing, I’ve put together a FREE guide of 10 Social Media Marketing Tips for Artists to help you get started. I am also looking for beta testers for a course I am launching in the new year teaching how to market and sell your art through Instagram and Facebook. In return for your feedback for a limited time I am offering the course at a substantially discounted founder members’ price.

To get the tips sent to you by email or if you are interested in the course go to my sign up page

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